Source of Sin Part 4: Is There Judgement/ Punishment?

Greetings! I want to get into the question of is there Judgement. Yes, but not how it’s viewed at times with a god in the sky trying to ruin people lives, or sending people to be burned up.


Since God is within you, you will stand before yourself and others. You will inwardly and sometimes outwardly suffer from your guilt and shame.There is a dark cloud over your head that will follow you. Your Spirit/ God-self never quite give you true inner peace and happiness.


We often think that people who do wrong seem to get away with things. Or they will finally pay in “Hell”. It doesn’t matter how much they smile in the public, or how carefree they seem with their dirty deeds, they often suffer greatly inside with depression, guilt, shame, and past or present heartaches that causes/ caused them to act out as they do. God is inside us all, and we all have that quiet inner voice that correct us, and provide us that uneasy feeling when we don’t listen. We will also put ourselves to death if the guilt or pain is too strong to bare.



We also judge each other.


Despite the fact that most of us don’t claim to be God, we play the role anyway despite the fact, and we embrace our God-self  or Beastly- self without even being aware! We as humans have been left with great power and authority like gods. We like to choose when someone lives, dies , or be tortured like we are gods for what we consider “sin”.  And we show no mercy when we perform our godly wrath!



Folo on shooting - a look at how worlds collide


This last photo is from the The Omaha Courthouse Lynching of 1919. Image Ownership: Public Domain

Oh yeah, We are the beast, and the wrathful God of the Bible! We thirst for blood and revenge in our anger. We love the vision of a powerful being burning someone alive for eternity for their sin; not realizing we are the powerful being!


We don’t need a God outside of ourselves to do the dirty work. And we / they don’t need to die to feel torture and pain for their sins! So Yes, there is indeed inner, and outer Judgement! Enough for now.

Love and blessings!💖💫

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Source of Sin Part 3: Controlling the Beast

Greetings! I want to continue talking about the source of “sin”. We already talked about balancing out your positive and negative energy, and the anatomy of man. And since all of the mental and physical features of ourselves is necessary for existence, how do we overcome the obstacles that it brings? How do we overcome ourselves? Yes, ourselves! There is no one outside of ourselves to blame; even though it’s extremely convenient to do so! But yes, you are the devil.



You are the beast. 666 relates to the carbon atom (Adam) and man. Carbon 12 is one of the five elements in the human DNA that is composed of 6 protons, 6 electrons, and 6 neutrons , which equals 666. Your flesh is the beast/ devil indeed. Your God-self/ spirit is always trying to fight the urges of the beast.


The beast/flesh is strong and intrudes. It always want more creating greed, selfishness, prejudices, hate, and lack of compassion. The spirit/ God is soft, non-intrusive, gentle, loving, self-controlled, and compassionate. It only whispers in the depth of your being the right things to do. But, you can’t let that beastly side of yourself totally win. Once you accept and realize your dualistic nature, you have to be truthful about your own downfalls. There is no God outside of yourself to fight it for you. You were given inner strength and inner willpower already. You don’t have to be a victim of yourself or others. You only need to activate your inner God power. And you were given other people to help strengthen you. There is power in numbers.

A helpful technique to reach your highest self is to write a list of things you find positive about yourself. Like helpful and compassionate. And embrace yourself for that.  Then write a list of things that you find negative about yourself. Like short tempered, or often tell lies. Maybe you have some unhealthy addictions. These things you don’t find pleasing you can decide to work on. You don’t need to talk down on yourself for it. Most shortfalls come from the feeling of lacking something that threatens our well-being or survival. Like lack of love, money, self-worth, and security. Getting emotional support from family, friends ,and professional counselors can help you cope with the things that you find stronger than you. But for small day to day shortfalls make an effort to start listening to that quiet voice rather than the loud demanding one. For example, if you see a homeless person on the street, you will have that voice that calls them a lazy bum. Why give them your hard earned money?


It’s really just about your survival. But then there’s that quiet voice inside of you that acknowledges that they only asked for a dollar. You feel a little bad for them. But then your beast starts to shout out even louder all these justifications to not give. Now your telling yourself that they’ll only use it for drugs. But, if you listen to your God-self and give, you’ll feel great about helping. Of course we are not perfect and the flesh will sometimes win. It has to win sometimes for survival sake. But it’s about embracing your higher-self as much as possible, and transforming your negative into positive. Like for example, if you were or are an alcoholic, you can form a support group to help each other beat the addiction. No one likes to feel alone, and a support group is great for forming great friendships and forming a strong supportive energy that will help you all  find victory that you can share.  Life is about transferring/ balancing the positive and negative energies;  not always about fighting off.


Just like a battery both sides are useful and needed for Creation. Enough for now! Part 4 later. My fingers are tired of typing!🤦Cheers!

Love and blessings!💖💫

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Source of sin part 2: Anatomy of man

Greetings! I want to continue my lecture on the source of sin. I already told you about the imbalance of energies, but now I want to talk about how our anatomy also contributes to what we call “sin”. Man’s body is of a dualistic nature physically, too. My theory is a lot like the biblical explanation of the sinful flesh, and the willing spirit, except I consider the flesh our animal side, and the spirit our God self/ higher self. Our biological makeup matches those of an animal.


Physically we aren’t too much more than other animals. Just like other animals, we strive to reproduce, eat, and survive. These built in instincts can cause animalistic ways that can create what we call “sin”. What makes us different from other animals is our mental abilities. It’s our higher intellect and consciousness. We have an inner voice that intervenes with our animalistic ways giving us more compassion, love, and decision making on what’s right and wrong. Animals don’t have this. They are strictly about reproduction and survival. They have been programed to serve a certain purpose in the Eco system unlike us.

Because we have the bodies of an animal, and the mind of a God/ higher being, the two often conflict. And that’s what becomes the angel and devil on our shoulders.


Our flesh/ animal side becomes the devil, and the spirit/ higher intellect becomes the angel. The flesh wants what it wants, and the spirit strive for goodness and perfection. Your flesh only think about reproducing, eating, and surviving. These desires is what causes us to be greedy, selfish, lustful, violent, and lack compassion. Here is a list of consequences our animal side cause:

  • Desire to reproduce to replenish the human race= lust , irresponsible sexual behavior, and an unhealthy appetite for sex. The flesh doesn’t think. It just knows that it has a sexual urge that wants to be satisfied. It doesn’t care how it gets satisfied or how much. It causes selfishness and lack of love. But the spirit unlike the flesh desires love, and self-control. When you don’t give the spirit this, it creates guilt and shame. It creates what we call sin.
  • Survival= Greed of money, food, housing, and necessary resources. Selfishness comes from the flesh/ animal desire to survive by any means necessary. It naturally competes for resources. It will steal, kill, and fight to get it. We also become territorial and frightened. This creates racism, violence, financial classes, and separation of neighborhoods.  This creates sin. Only the spirit/God self gives the voice of compassion, equality, and generosity to the poor and everyone.

This is just some of the problems it causes. But I’m sure you get the idea. The problem is that some of us live more in the flesh/ animal side than spirit. We don’t let the voice of reason shine through more. Our goal should be to balance out the two. Satisfy the flesh with a voice of reason. Having a higher intellect than the rest of the animal kingdom is a blessing, but comes with a price indeed. We are in a constant struggle to balance out the animal from spirit. A lot of us found it easier to just give up and live out our animal- self lacking love, compassion, and high intellect that our spirit/ God-self has to offer. But this make-up of our bodies and mind wasn’t a mistake. We are higher beings disguised in animal flesh. And we must wear it to experience physical reality on planet Earth. We have to wear a vessel that resembles the function of animals to survive the environment- like them. That is enough for now. I’ll let this stew in your mind, and continue with a part 3.

Love and blessings!💖💫

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The Source of Sin Part 1: The Imbalance of Energy

Greetings! I would like to get a little more deeper into my teaching. Now of course not everyone will agree with my theory or philosophy, but I never try to force my inner knowledge or beliefs on anyone. It’s only here for those it resonates with and for your own personal inspiration and truth! Now, with that being said, let’s go!

The biblical source of sin comes from Adam and Eve. The eating of the apple. But the story of Adam and Eve was never meant to be taken literally, because if you do, it becomes more like a story out of a child’s storybook.

sin-146121_1280But, either way, I don’t get my knowledge directly out of the book, and I’m not going to disect what the book really mean. I’m using my own inner knowledge. I’m aware that I’m connected to God like everyone else is, and I use the instincts that was given to me from God. Now, Sin is just unfavorable behavior. Behavior that causes misery to yourself and\or someone else. Behavior that causes an imbalance within yourself and others. Life has both positive and negative energy. And we often associate negative energy with sin. We feel that if we can delete negative energy, we would have perfect harmony. But you need both for survival and the balance of existence. If you stay on one extreme or another, then imbalance is the consequence. You need a middle ground for perfect harmony. If everyone was always super nice/ positive, then we would be more like robots who never feel. Good moments wouldn’t have an effect on us, and we wouldn’t appreciate anything. But, if everyone and everything was always negative, there would be total chaos and disorder. Existence would self-destruct. So, what everyone needs is to find the perfect balance between the positive and negative energy. Knowing when to use what energy. For example, positive energy being used for love, compassion, gratitude, and giving. Negative energy being used for protection of the innocent and survival of the species. An example of that would be fighting or killing off a predator to protect an innocent child/ adult .The aim is to use both energies for the good of all- not to delete negative energy or to fight with it.

We are dualistic beings like everything else in existence. You won’t be able to delete all the things you find negative about yourself no matter how hard you try. You’re not a robot or artificial intelligence, so you will make mistakes- and even robots malfunction. So the remedy is to try and find balance within yourself. Using your dualistic nature for the good of yourself/all. Finding a way to make amends with your negative/ sinful ways. For example, if you are very aggressive and find yourself enjoying a good fight, instead of fighting off that side of yourself, why not use it to fight and protect the innocent; not to harm them.

Begging God for forgiveness of your sins will do nothing. You are actually begging yourself for forgiveness because of your own inner convictions. God is not separate from you. And his original source is not in the physical to apologize to, so God didn’t ask for your apologies. Your own inner convictions are God’s judgments, and your self-forgiveness is God’s forgiveness to you. But, if you need someone in the physical to apologize to, apologize and make amends to anyone that you hurt. That will be ultimately the path to erasing your sins/transgressions. Self- forgiveness and making amends with others. Enough for now. We will get deeper into the subject on part 2. This will also have to do with the anatomy of man.

Love and blessings!💖💫

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Meditation: Loss of Identity

Greetings! I would like to share this meditation with you. This is called loss of Identity. This will help those of you who still have a hard time finding God within you, or accepting that you and God are one. We often forget that who we call ourselves was accumulated since birth. We are born out of the womb in our purest God form.


We are pure developing consciousness straight from the source. What I want you to do is envision yourself just being born. Go back to your very beginning. When you do this, you will drop everything that you accumulated over the years that you call yourself. Here is the list of things that you will lose:

  • Your name ( You weren’t born with one).
  • Your prejudices( These were taught or conditioned)
  • Your religion ( This was introduced and taught to you.)
  • Your title of mom, dad, sister, brother, husband, wife, etc. (This title is artificial and was given to you.)
  • Your Job title of doctor, nurse, cashier, etc. ( This title was given/chosen and is ever changing.)
  • Race of Black, White, Latino, Indian, Chinese and etc. ( This is biological and the names were created by man as identification tools. Our souls has no race or nationality.)
  • Gender of male or female( This is biological and our soul has no gender.)
  • Culture and traditions ( This is artificial practices that was passed down  from generations and was taught to us by our families and friends. Our souls have no tradition.)
  • Lose the way you identify yourself with the good and bad events/ situations that you are in or was in.) Don’t identify yourself as an abuse victim, convict, alcoholic, drug addict, poor, rich, etc. These experiences were given to you or taken by you.)
  • The things you eat, music listened to, the way you dress, language spoken, foods eaten, financial class, education, favorite music, political views, personality, beliefs, dreams and desires, and etc. ( These are all artificial, introduced to you, and conditioned.)

When you finally take all these things away from yourself, you’ll see just how faceless and loss of Identified you feel. If you really look deep inside yourself, you’ll see just how artificial you really are. The real you out the womb was just pure soul with energy, consciousness, and self- awareness .


The only thing your soul comes with is the need for love and the desire to give love. God is love in it’s purest form. Study newborn babies and see the love, and innocence in thire eyes. This is a soul straight from the source/ God before conditioning. You can become pure like this again. You can identify God in you again. You can become God again! Just lose yourself! I hope you enjoy this meditation and find enlightenment and inspiration.

Love and blessings!💖💫

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Does God Contain Evil\Negative Energy?

Greetings! I would like to answer the question does God contain negative energy? A lot of us would consider negative energy bad and evil. It’s the opposite polarization of good. In religion, a lot of us like to assume that God only contain the good/ positive energy. That only humans contain negative energy as a sinner, and God is disappointed in his creation because God only contains positive energy. But, We are an individual extension/reflection of God, and God contains both positive and negative energy. Reality is based on polarity and is needed for the balance of existence. You can’t have hot without cold, and you can’t have up without down. So, you can’t have positive without negative. God would be incomplete if he didn’t contain both. We can’t contain something that God doesn’t.

But, the difference between us and God is that God is only the generator of these energies for us to use. God contains both, but remains neutral in choice. God doesn’t use the negative or positive energy against or on anyone. It is only there to uphold the laws of the universe, creation, and for our conscious to be able to pull from positive or negative energy. God doesn’t dictate which energy for us to use. I’ll give you an example of how God used it in creation. Nature can be very beautiful. The backdrop of the ocean, trees, grass, and mountains can be very beautiful. And the sight of kittens with it’s mother is heart warming. This would obviously be an example of the positive side of nature.


But, for the ecosystem of the earth to be maintained, and for the animals to survive, God had to use the tool of the negative energy.



These animals don’t look so cute and cuddly now! But, the animals have to pull from God’s negative energy for protection, sustenance, and balance of the eco system( over population of animals). And mother nature can get vicious, too!


A tornado can tear down whole communities, and kill. But, God uses the negative energy to uproot and get rid of the weak and old things in nature. So you can see that God using both energies were necessary. God uses these energies in perfect balance and harmony.  God uses it in a neutral manner. We as humans have the problem of misusing the energies. We often pull from God’s negative energy to harm others, and we don’t use the energies in perfect balance the way it was intended. But, we aren’t stopped because we are given total free will to use the energies as we please. I don’t want to end up preaching about what’s right or wrong, so I will stop here! I hope I have given you some knowledge on the subject!

Love and blessings!💖💫

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God Has No Specific Name or Identity

Greetings! I want to make it clear about what gender God is. I know in all my post I say “he” or “god”, but that’s only for identification purposes. I say “god” because that’s the most universally known title/ name people can identify with.  In reality “God” is neither physically male or female and has no name and title. God is just pure being, existence, consciousness, and energy just like our soul is. If God was to singularize itself and come to earth in physical form, God could choose to come as male or female. God consists of masculine and feminine energy.


Masculine energy consist of the mental power to be strategic, creative, and a mastermind. Feminine energy consist of being a soft and gentle nurturer. Considering we are an extension of God, we actually consist of both, too. That’s why women can be great scientists and mothers. Or men can be great scientists and dad’s. God needed to consist of both to create this existence. God needed to be a mastermind to create the earth, our bodies, and so on. God also needed to be a nurturer to create all the things of the earth that give nourishment to our bodies and mind. The earth is so nourishing that we call it mother nature and mother earth.


We utilize both sides of ourselves everyday. God in reality has no specific name, gender, or physical identity; and neither do we. We are grown a body in the womb for our soul, and we are not born with a name. We give God all these titles/ names and physical identities  because our human brains crave something we can identify and see. We are mentally caught up in the physical world and not spiritual. And unfortunately, we fight each other over what God’s name is and isn’t. We also fight over what God look like! And, sadly, you who do that are wasting  your time! God is boundless with no specific identity and instills his energy in every living thing. In matter of fact, God takes on your and everything else’s identity. God gives the breath of life to inanimate objects that become living beings through him/her/it. Every human, bird, insect, plant, planet, and fungus and so on consist of God’s energy and intelligence. I hope I made things clear and gave you something to ponder on!😊

Love and blessings!💖💫

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